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Welcome to The River Centre Clinic

Our innovative treatment programs for adults and adolescents are individually tailored to meet the very specific needs of those with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and other atypical eating disorders.

Providing innovative treatment to adults and adolescents suffering from eating disorders.


Well-established therapy model integrating individual, group, and family therapy.


Specialized in psychological and educational treatments in a safe and respectful setting.


Providing an attractive and safe facility alternative to hospital based programs.


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The RCC follows a treatment philosophy designed to provide an affordable treatment alternative to inpatient care.

Innovative Independent Living

We provide an independent living option for adult participants in the Partial Hospitalization Program at no extra charge. Our living arrangement provides structure, support and safety without the disadvantages of a restrictive hospital environment.

Individual Tailored Approach

We aim to meet the complex and very specific needs of those with eating disorders.  Each program participant receives support and individual attention needed to make the life changes required to be free of eating disorder symptoms. 

We continue to be committed to every patient receiving quality, individualized care delivered by caring staff with years of training and experience.


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To learn more about our programs and determine if they meet your needs, call 1.877.212.5457 for confidential help now. Alternatively, complete the Initial Information Form by clicking the box below and an Intake Specialist will contact you.

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Take the EAT-26

The EAT-26 is the most widely cited standardized self-report screening measure that may be able to help you determine if you have an eating disorder that needs professional attention. Click the box below for immediate and anonymous feedback.



At the River Centre Clinic, patients continue to be individuals.

There has been a recent change in the landscape of eating disorder treatment, with the sudden rise of “franchising” eating disorder treatment centers. Venture capitalists have purchased eating disorder treatment facilities across the country and, with that, have established multi-site franchises providing eating disorder services.
While there may be many benefits to this large-scale corporate model, The River Centre Clinic has resisted this movement, choosing to remain an independent small-scale treatment facility in order to provide the highest quality, individualized care. We continue to be committed to every patient receiving quality, individualized care delivered by caring staff with years of training and experience.